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Spiritual Healing

In our lives, we may feel scattered or less than whole, or stressed out and depleted. We may experience a sense of emptiness and even sensations of numbness that have no physical cause. In
these situations, spiritual healing techniques can prove to be
very beneficial.

One of the most important facets of spiritual healing is to help a person reconnect to his or her own personal power. Acting from a place of personal power means that a person will be more self-confident and be able to make better judgments about his or her
life, as well as the lives of others.  

Over thousands of years, medicine men and women in tribal cultures around the world developed spiritual healing techniques. These techniques can benefit people, regardless of their religious affiliation. 

Spiritual healing techniques based on the acquired wisdom of shamans include:

  • Power Animal Retrieval

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Extraction

  • The Healing of Spaces

Power Animal Retrieval
Common to native peoples around the world is the concept of the power animal, also called a totem animal. The energy of a person's power animal exists on a spiritual plane in non-ordinary reality.  Becoming aware of that animal and feeling the presence of the essence of that animal inside one's body can be extraordinarily empowering.  For example, James had difficulty speaking before large groups of people. After Power Animal Retrieval, James found that his power animal, a panther, helped him focus his energy, as
a panther would on the hunt, so that he could speak with that focus in mind, without fears of inadequacy.

Your power animal embodies qualities that you may already be aware of. The power animal can help remind you of those qualities and strengths, but can also help you discover new dimensions to yourself.  Your power animal may be an animal that you dreamed about as a child, but it could also be one that is not that familiar to you.

For more information about Power Animal Retrieval click here.

Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is a spiritual healing technique that deals with the after-effects of any kind of trauma. After an accident, a person may continue to feel as if some part of him or herself is missing. This sense of emptiness may lead to feelings of confusion, difficulties making decisions, and even feeling as if you do not really know yourself anymore. A part of your body can even feel empty or numb. While many people recover completely from trauma and don't feel any of these symptoms, others continue to feel a sense of emptiness. The trauma can also be an emotional one. It can also be a cumulative experience that just becomes too much to handle. Sometimes, there is also a sense that someone else has taken part of one's energy. From the point of view of shamanic healing techniques, these symptoms indicate what is known as "soul loss" where part of one's life force decides to "depart." Some people experience this when they cannot avoid an accident or they see an accident coming. They try and send their energy out of their body in order not to experience the pain and suffering of the impact. Other types of soul loss can occur at times of intense emotion. The spiritual healing technique to counter-act soul loss is called Soul Retrieval.

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When a person is experiencing physical symptoms of pain or aches, one of the most useful spiritual healing techniques based
on shamanic principles is called Extraction. When we remove these obstructions, the person will immediately feel a difference. In some cases, the pain may disappear completely.

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The Healing of Spaces
Interior spaces, whether they are homes or businesses, as well
as exterior spaces, often need healing, or, to use another term, "clearing." In 1998, a news story published in Newsweek focused
on a new trend in New York City, in which real-estate brokers were hiring people trained in the clearing of spaces, using shamanic techniques. These brokers had found that a space that had been cleared would sell immediately. Similarly, our exterior environment has often been dumped on and misused and needs clearing or healing. An immediate outcome of a healed or cleared space is
that it will feel good to be in that space. A good time to clear a space is when you purchase a new piece of land or home or apartment.

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